Quickslim Body Wrap

Inch Loss

Inch loss body wraps aid weight loss, encourage the removal of fluids from the fatty tissues via the body's natural elimination process. They will start to build again quickly once fluid uptake resumes and this method cannot be relied on for permanent results. Ultimately, only diet changes and exercise will provide long lasting results.

Contour gel contains anti cellulite properties and stimulates vasodilatation of the capillaries in the dermal layer of the skin. A small amount of product is massaged into specific problematic areas and these areas are then wrapped tightly with thermal bandages. The bandages help the body to retain heat, encourage the pores of the skin to open and allowing the gel to penetrate through the dermal layer.



Added benefits:

  • Temporary inch loss
  • Lighter, softer, firmer, hydrated or cleansed skin
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Relieve tired or heavy legs, aching joints, ease inflammation and help flush out toxins through sweating.

Frequently asked questions

Is the inch loss really guaranteed?

Yes! Quickslim Body Wrap you're guaranteed to lose at least 4 inches after just one treatment or you pay nothing. Furthermore the inches are guaranteed to stay off for 30 days or you are entitled to be wrapped again absolutely free, so you really have nothing to lose, except for the inches of course.

How much will I lose?

The number of inches lost varies from person to person. You are guaranteed to lose at least 4 inches from the first treatment but average losses are 6-8 inches.

Ive just had a baby, will Quickslim Body Wrap work for me?

As long as you wait at least six weeks after a normal delivery and take your doctor advice after a Cesarean, Quickslim Body Wrap is perfectly safe and is excellent for firming up the stomach and bust areas and softening stretch marks after pregnancy.

Will I put the inches back on as soon as I drink water?

No. Unlike other inch loss treatments, Quickslim Body Wrap doesn't rely on dehydration to achieve its remarkable inch loss. In fact you're encouraged to drink plenty of water after your treatment to continue the detox process and help you lose further inches after you've left the salon.

Can I be wrapped more than once?

Yes, to achieve maximum inch-loss from Quickslim Body Wrap a course of three treatments is recommended and should be taken 7-10 days apart. Inch-loss is cumulative and the average loss over the full course is 12-16 inches.

How long will the results last?

The initial 6 inch loss is guaranteed to last for 30 days but results can last for much longer depending on following the after wrap instructions. And of course you can achieve even greater inch loss by having further wraps.

Will I lose weight with Quickslim Body Wrap?

As toxins rather than fat are removed during the treatment process, any weight loss will be negligible. Universal Contour Wrap is the guaranteed inch loss treatment that shapes and tones your body so although you don't lose weight you can still drop a complete dress size, in just 2 hours.

How many wraps can I have?

To achieve maximum inch loss a course of three treatments is recommended, but as long as each Quickslim Body Wrap treatment is taken at least 7-10 days apart to allow the special clay formula and bandages to take full effect there is no limit on how many times you can be wrapped. Because the results are so amazing Universal Contour Wrap will soon become part of your regular health and beauty routine, keeping you in the shape you deserve.

How often can I be wrapped?

To achieve maximum inch loss with Quickslim Body Wrap a course of three treatments is recommended, taken 7-10 days apart together with a I-Lipo Laser Treatment Course. However because all Quickslim Body Wrap therapists are trained to treat each client individually and work with you to ensure you achieve maximum results you may be advised to be wrapped less often.

Will I just lose inches because I'm sweating?

No. The inch loss you'll experience with Quickslim Body Wrap is a result of the clay formula and special wrapping techniques used during the treatment. Warm clay and bandages are used in the wrapping process to make the application soothing and create the ideal effective temperature for the clay to work but not to induce sweating and dehydrating, unlike other wrap treatments.

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